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The Carité Shoemaking Group is one of companies that will collaborate in the ICSAS project ("Integrating companies in a Sustainable Apprenticship System").. The project's objective is to give an opportunity to countries that have little to none work based experience, the chance to witness in first person how the trainee system works.

 Emphasis is given to two aspects: initially participants will get involved in the pilot phase, where they have the opportunity to gather practical experience on how to apply knowledge based on working experience and in the actual production process and, later, will focus on the role of the tutor as a coach and assistant to the trainee. 

 O objetivo é o de desenvolver o sistema de Educação e Formação Profissional da Roménia e de Portugal no sentido da formação em contexto de trabalho e melhorar o desempenho dos tutores em Espanha e na Alemanha, baseado na aprendizagem mútua, proveniente do sistema de aprendizagem Alemão e desenvolver um quadro de qualificação setorial e de referência de qualificações na Alemanha, em Portugal, Roménia e em Espanha.  

 The objective is to develop the system of Education and Professional Qualification of Romenia and Portugal in the sense of qualifying in the context of a working place and to improve the performance of tutors in Spain and Germany, based on mutual learning, from the German learning system and develop a sector qualification board and qualification reference in Germany, Portugal, Romenia and Spain.

Project number: 2017-1-DE02-KA202-004174 


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