Out there searching for orders

Out there searching for orders


Tentoes, that was in Barcelona, is a Portuguese brand that illustrates well the diagnostic of the consultary. At the head of the project is Reinaldo Teixeira, who is also CEO of Carité. "What's been harming Tentoes is the fact that I have an industrial unit that produces for other brands. As I'm the only partner and the company having 170 workers, all of my time is wasted there. A year ago I created a commercial and development team, where I will collaborate, but it will not depend on me", stated. Carité has two brands, besides Tentoes that is focused on Women's footwear for the day-to-day, there is Stiletto, targeting more anacreontic occasions.

 "In Portugal a lot of brands already took major steps in design and creativity. Ten years ago we fell short but now we have brands walking towards success for a reason", states Reinaldo Teixeira.

 Meanwhile, talking about shoes, the most part, the design still comes from Italy, more precisely studios based in Milan. "The Italians continue to surprise. They have an amazing craft, maybe because the schools there are better. Us, year after year are beginning to catch them. We already have good designers, but the Italians have the biggest amount of brands that support their designers". Reinaldo Teixeira identifies an opportunity for Portuguese footwear brands:"A big part of Italian production is no longer made in Italy, but in Romania and China.

 Being produced in Portugal it will naturally have more quality. Italian design and Portuguese labor are the perfect combination." Besides going to Barcelona to sell Tentoes, only now the brand will start to attend fashion shows and be on some magazine covers. Within a few weeks from now the site should be online.


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