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The FAMEST Project

Carité Calçados Lda. Is one of the companies participating in the FAMEST project: Footwear, Advanced Materials, Equipment and Software Technologies, which promises to boost the Cluster of Footwear and Fashion, covering research in the entire production process and product life cycle.

The FAMEST project aims to study and develop, in accordance with the strategic plan defined for the Cluster of Footwear and Fashion, the following areas of action:

1. innovate at the level of design and products, materials and components, equipment and processes, business models, digital economy and sustainable and responsible development;

2. qualify and rejuvenate human resources, companies and institutions to strengthen the Cluster's competencies in the creation, promotion and management of the product;

 3. To internationalize and communicate by favoring the domain of the Cluster image, raising it to more demanding standards, investing in a national collective image, given the size of our country.